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Shipping & Trial Policies

Our Contact Information

Email address:

Phone number: (207) 542-9454

All purchased saddles ship out from our business address in Christiana, PA, USA.

All trials of saddles (nationwide) originate, ship out from, and return (as needed) to our business address in Christiana, PA, USA.

Our Shipping Policy
  • Until further notice, you must use any mail carrier other than USPS.

  • We highly recommend you ship your saddle in a HEAVY DUTY box.

  • If a saddle is not photo shoot ready upon arrival to our business address, a $25 cleaning fee will be issued.

Our Trial Policy
  • Liberty Saddlery offers fully paid 5-day trials on all saddles to prospective customers within the USA. The purpose and ultimate goal of our 5-day trial period is to ensure that our customers (and their horses) are happy with each saddle purchase. All international orders are final sale only.

  • Simply order the saddle that you are interested in trying through our website. Once the order and payment have been received, it will be shipped within 2 business days.

  • The 5-day trial begins the day the saddle is delivered to your doorstep.

  • If you decide to return the saddle, you must notify us (by email or text) that the saddle is to be returned and we will email you a pdf of the shipping label to print.

  • If you don't notify us within the 5-day trial period of your desire to return the saddle, the saddle becomes your property.

  • Once we get the saddle back and confirm that it is in the same condition in which it left, we will contact you within 1 business day to arrange your refund.

  • Please see our Trial Agreement for more details around any excessive wear & tear, damage, excessive dirtiness, etc. that should happen to the saddle while it is out on trial.

  • In the event you return the saddle at the end of the 5-day trial, there is no restocking fee at all if you use PayPal Friends or Venmo. However, if you pay using PayPal Goods & Services, Venmo Purchase Protection or standard credit cards through the site, there will be a minimal restocking fee of 3.5%.

  • View Liberty Saddlery's Trial Agreement. The conditions of the trial agreement are also contained within our Terms & Conditions, to which you'll be required to agree before you can place an order.

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