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Consign with us!

We focus on offering and consigning premium, quality saddles. You can sell your saddle with confidence, knowing it will be marketed to the right audience.

We fully market, sell and ship out your saddle on your behalf. Don't worry, we will discuss pricing with you before the saddle is listed for sale. We offer fully paid 5-day trials on all saddles to prospective customers nationwide, so we'll do our very best to give your saddle its next home.

We have an amazing community on social media, with over 7,000 Facebook followers, and over 2,000 Instagram followers! We post all new saddles shortly after they arrive, and once a week we do a posting of all jump and dressage saddles in our inventory.

Ready? Here's what we'll do... 

Step 1

Complete the Consignment Request form. We'll reply via email within 48 hours, and go from there. *IF you don't hear back from us PLEASE email us directly to follow up. WIX is proving glitchy with consignment requests.

Step 3
Ship your saddle to us

Ship your saddle to us in Christiana, PA (you'll pay for shipping it to us). Address details are on our Consignment Agreement. Wrap your saddle in bubble wrap (not packing peanuts) and place it in a heavy duty box. 

Step 2
Sign our Consignment Agreement

After we agree we can consign and sell your saddle, we'll ask you to sign up with us (if you've not already done so) and complete our Consignment Agreement. This provides all the fine-print details you'll need.

Step 4
Your saddle's in good hands

Once we unbox your saddle, we carefully clean and condition it, photograph, market it on our website, and post it to social media.


Selling a saddle?
We can help!

We pride ourselves in taking the greatest care of your saddle once you entrust us with it.

We will do our very best in finding your saddle its next happy home.

Fear not, fellow equestrian.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much could I make if my consigned saddle sells?

Liberty Saddlery LLC uses a tiered commission structure to ensure a minimum in the sale of consigned saddles. We will share that commission structure with you in the Consignment Agreement, once we've agreed we can consign and sell your saddle, and after you've signed up as a member (if you've not already done so).

Is my saddle guaranteed to sell within a certain time frame?

Some saddles sell quickly and others take longer but there is a person out there for your saddle and we will do all we can to get it in front of them. 

Should I clean my saddle before sending it to you?

Yes, please! If a saddle is not photo shoot ready upon arrival, a $25 cleaning fee will be issued, as it will then take us that much longer to get it to a shape where it looks as good as it can be. We further clean and condition your saddle once we receive it, but, if it's really dirty, we will have to take the extra time to clean it properly.

Should I send the fittings (e.g. stirrups, leathers) with my saddle?

Please don't. Liberty Saddlery LLC does NOT accept fittings with your saddle. If you want to consign your saddle's accessories, each accessory must be of at least a $75 value, and must be approved by us BEFORE being sent for sale. IF you send fittings in with your saddle without our approval, we are not responsible for the care, storage, return shipment, nor sale of such fittings.

EXCEPTIONS (as also defined in the Consignment Agreement as "Fittings Clause"): Gullet plates/Gullet plate systems can be sent with adjustable tree saddles and will be sold with the saddle. Any cover sent with the saddle will be sold with the saddle.

When will I get paid for my consigned saddle?

After a saddle is sold, Liberty Saddlery LLC will pay out funds within 5 business days. Additional terms are covered within the Consignment Agreement.

Will my consigned saddle go on the 5-day trials for interested buyers?

Yes, as long as the interested buyer is located within the USA, the buyer can try out your consigned saddle. Liberty Saddlery LLC offers full-paid 5-day trials on all saddles, to buyers nationwide.

Can I consign something other than a saddle?

On occasion, we do sell accessories. As a general rule, items must be of a $75 value or above and be approved by us before being sent for sale. Please note, accessories are marketed on a weekly basis in the sales list, but do not receive as much attention as the saddle sales.

What if I want to take back my saddle?

If you decide to take back your saddle at any point, a $75 restocking fee is owed to Liberty Saddlery LLC.


By the time you decide to take the saddle back, we've done our entire process and more (cleaning, photographing, marketing on our site, posting to social media, and safely storing your saddle in our inventory) all with our best efforts to sell your saddle.


In addition to this fee, you will be responsible for the costs of shipping your saddle back to your residence. It will be your responsibility to insure your saddle to protect against potential damages incurred by the carrier being used.

Have a question we didn't address?

We're always happy to hear from you! If others are asking the same questions, we'll add them here.


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