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Fabulous County Epiphany Forward flap just arrived!


  • Year: 2018
  • Seat: 17”
  • Tree: Medium-Narrow
  • Panel: Wool flocked
  • Flap: Forward Monoflap, just over 16” length
  • Gorgeous brown leather and a hard to find Medium-Narrow tree!
  • From County website: "The Epiphany allows your horse to move more freely forward and takes you with him. This allows you to focus less on your position and more on your horse, featuring a 3/4 length thigh roll and seat-to-leg flap relationwship that puts you on your sit bones, relaxes the hip and lengthens the leg. Ride in the Epiphany and you;ll know how it got its name."
  • Comes with County saddle cover!

17" MN County Epiphany

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