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Lovely Tad Coffin A5G SmartRide available!


  • Seat: 17.5”, flat
  • Tree: Tad Coffin SmartRide
  • Panel: Foam
  • Flap: Double flap, 12.5” width, 12.75” length
  • Lovely older model with Velcro knee blocks and Velcro to add calf blocks if desired.
  • From Tad Coffin site: “The A5, our original model, is a classic close contact saddle with a beautiful balance, low pommel and flatter seat. The tree is slightly wider than the TC2 and features our SmartRide Rx technology. It is ideal for use on horses with broader backs and lower withers but can also be used with success on horses with higher withers with our leather pad.”

17.5 Tad Coffin A5G SmartRide