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American Equus Stirrups Partner

Liberty Saddlery is proud to partner with American Equus as a retailer for American Equus! Luxuriously crafted and engineered for performance, American Equus's collection of stirrups are the perfect mix of time-honored saddlery and 21st-century production techniques. American Equus stirrups are created with an unmatched passion for detail and a search for perfection.


The stirrups are meticulously crafted for the equestrian who cherishes the type of luxury associated with product excellence, innovative original design, and consummate performance. Stunning, lightweight, and technically advanced, our stirrups are made to perform in style.

All stirrup product shots on this page (with black backgrounds) belong to American Equus, featured on their website.

Learn more about American Equus and their other products.

Unique Style

Each stirrup is hand-polished to a mirror-like surface then Triple Coated and high-temperature baked for a durable lustrous finish. Coordinate your own combination with matching or contrasting footbeds, then finish off with your choice of traction pins to create stirrups that are unique to your style, needs, and style of riding.

Premium Safety

The wide base of the footbed helps you to achieve optimum balance while absorbing concussion to the ball of your foot. This redistribution of weight across the whole foot can also translate to a more correct seat position in the saddle.


The solid 6061 Aircraft Aluminum construction provides an incredibly safe ride with a 3000 lb/ lateral crush strength protecting your feet against possible injury in the event of an accident.

Better Connection

 Elite stirrups incorporate ergonomically designed branches that naturally contour your legs around the barrel of the horse, easing knee, ankle and foot pressure.


The patent-pending proprietary traction pin system secures your foot and provides for an unparalleled connection to the base of the stirrup.

In Our Collection

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